In the world, there are many countries who are well known for its natural beauty, for amazing scenic view and having beautiful Islands. The world is covered with all such kind of beautiful greenery , land and oceans .The total land coverage is 29.2% of the total Earth surface and remaining area i.e. 70.8 % surface is full of water .There are 195 countries in the world excluding Taiwan, which is an independent country. As there are so many countries in the world, you can imagine that how large is the world. The world consists of smallest and largest countries, out of which Europe , Pacific and Caribbean and many more are one of the smallest countries in the world with an area smaller than 400 square kilometers. The largest countries in the world are Russia , Canada , United States and many more.
The smallest countries having its own government and culture, these countries are one of the richest, most isolated and most captivating places in the world. Following are the top largest countries in the world.
Russia is one of the largest country in the world, having an area of 17098242 square kilometer. The capital of Russia is Moscow. It stretches across Eurasia , spanning nine time zones and it covers about eighth of the inhabited area of the Earth.
The next largest country in the world is Canada, which covers the northern part of the western hemisphere at an area of 9984670 square Kilometers. The capital of Canada is Ottawa.
United States
The next one is United State, which covers an area of 9826675 square kilometers. The capital of United state is Washington DC.
China is another largest country in the world, which covers an area of 9596961 square kilometers. The capital of China is Beijing.
The next one is Brazil, which covers an area of 8514877 square Kilometers. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. It is the largest country in the southern hemisphere and South America.
Following are the smallest countries in the world:
Maldives is one of the smallest countries in Asia, according to area and population. This country is popular for tourist destination in the Indian Ocean. In Maldives there are 1192 coral islands, they are spread in the area of 90,000 square kilometers.
Malta is another smallest country and this is an island country, located in Mediterranean Sea. This country has an area of 316 square kilometers.
The another smallest country is Liechtenstein, this is only the nation in the world which is totally located in the Alps. This country has an area of 160 square kilometers.
San Marino
This smallest country is bounded by Italy , this country is also known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino. This country covers an area of 61 square Kilometers.
The next one is Monaco, which is located on the French Riviera, this is one of the country where land, plots are very costly. This country covers an area of 2 Square Kilometers.
These places are very beautiful which have made earth a paradise, in a lifetime one visit should be paid to each of them and admire the beauty of the places.
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Ganga River is one of the prime rivers of India and is declared as the National River of India .The religious significance of Ganga River is established at the origin itself. The gangotri is the spot of origin of River Ganges. Many pilgrimages for the Hindus are settled along the banks of River Ganges. The Hindus religiously worship the river. Situated on the banks of River Ganges, Varanasi is considered by some to be the most holy city in Hinduism. The Ganga is mentioned several in the Rig-Veda, which is the earliest of the Hindu scriptures.
 According to Hindus the river Ganga is sacred and a feminine river. The river is worshiped by Hindus and personified as a Devi goddess, who holds a significant place in the Hindu religion. Hindu faith holds that bathing in the river, especially on certain occasion causes the forgiveness of sins and helps to attain salvation. Many people believe that this will come from bathing in the Ganga at any time. People come from distant places to submerge the Cremation and ashes collection ashes of their family or relatives in the waters of the Ganga; this immersion also is believed to send the deceased soul to heaven. Several places revered to Hindus lie along the banks of the river Ganga, including Haridwar and Varanasi. People carry holy water from the Ganges that is preserved in copper pots after making the pilgrimage to Varanasi. It is believed that drinking water from the Ganga with one's last breath will take the person's soul to heaven for sure.

Hindus also believe that life is incomplete without having a bath in the Ganga at least once in one's lifetime. Most Hindu families keep a vessel of water from the Ganga in their house. This is done because it is esteemed to have water of the Holy Ganga in the house, and also if someone is dying, that person will be able to drink this holy water. Many Hindus believe that the water from the Ganga can purify and cleanse a person's soul of all past sins, and that it can also cure the ill. The ancient scriptures mention that the water of Ganges carries the blessings of Lord Vishnu's feet; hence Mother Ganges is also known as Vishnupadi, this term means "Emanating from the Lotus feet of Supreme Lord Sri Vishnu."

Some of the most important Hindu festivals and religious worship happen at the river Ganges. Many festivals are celebrated on the banks of the river Ganga, such as the Kumbh Mela every twelve years at Allahabad and the Chhat Puja.

Varanasi has hundreds of temples along the bank of the Ganges, which are often flooded during the rains. This city, especially along the bank of the Ganges, is a chief place of worship for the Hindus as well as a cremation ground.

Indian Mythology states that Ganga is the daughter of Himavan - the king of the Mountains She had the power to purify anything that touched her. According to myths Ganga flowed from the heavens and purified the people of India. After the funeral, Indians often submerge the bodies of their dead in the Ganga, which is thought to purify them of their sins.
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The Trees around us are extremely important and have always been necessary for improving the human condition- both during its life and after harvest. Trees provided additional necessities such as medicine, tools and shelter. Today, the value of tree increases and more benefits are discovered as their role expands to satisfy the needs created by our modern lifestyle.

There are certain reasons that trees are necessary for improving our worldly condition, some of them are as follows:

1. Tree Produce Oxygen: We could not exist as we do, if there were no trees. A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.

2. Trees Clean the soil: Phytoremediation is the direct use of Green plants, which absorbs the dangerous chemicals and pollutants that have entered the soil. Trees can either store harmful pollutants or actually change the pollutant into less harmful forms. Trees filter sewage and farm chemicals, reduce the effects of animal wastes, clean roadside spills and clean water runoff into streams.

3. Trees Control Noise Pollution: Trees muffle urban noise almost as effectively as stone walls. Trees, planted at strategic points in a neighborhood or around your house, can abate major noises from freeways and airports.

4. Trees Slow Storm Water Runoff: Flash Flooding can be reduced by planting trees or forest. Colorado Blue Spruce, either growing wild or planted can ambush more than 1000 gallons of water annually when fully grown.

5. Trees are Carbon Sink: Trees absorbs and lock away carbon dioxide in the roots, wood and leaves, to produce food. Carbon dioxide is the global warming suspect, a forest is a carbon storage area or a sink that can lock up as much carbon as it produces.

6. Trees Clean the Air: Trees help cleanse the air by intercepting airborne particles, reducing heat, and absorbing such pollutants as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. Trees remove this air pollution by lowering air temperature, through respiration, and by retaining particulates.

7. Health Benefit: For Health Benefit, banyan tree is one of the best tree which is known as National Tree of India. This tree is used to cure Dysentery and Chronic Diarrhea.
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